Inside/Exit e Nomination 1.10

After Party
9 Aprile 2016
CUBO Via la Spezia 90, Parma

In occasione del party inaugurale di Parma 360 Viral, la Galleria Loppis Openlab inaugura la mostra Nomination 1.10 a cura di Elena Saccardi

Group exhibition at Loppis OpenLab gallery. 
The title Nomination 1.10 takes inspiration from the talent shows. 
While in these programmes being nominated has usually a negative meaning, in this exhibition it becomes a call to participate to the show. 
The process starts from the gallery, which invites one first artist to participate. 
The first artist chooses a second one s-he loves and so on untill 10 artists invited. 
This proceeding generates an interesting game with an open and unpredictable end.